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CD 164 - Mold 8.1

Color: Yellow Green
Base Types: CDP:w


Features: Retooled CD164 Mold 8; lettering has been strengthened, now strong with triangular edges. On front, circle blot-outs are rarely visible; there is a broadened base on Y (see below); the bottom left corner of B extends below the bottom curve. On the reverse, the S of U.S.A. has been straightened, although the top curve is not fully re-engraved; there is no period after NO. There is a faint line that totally encircles insulator just below the lettering (see below; for a more pronounced version of this line, see Mold 14 and Mold 13). The mold number is placed very low on the skirt and is often very weak.

Mold Number Location: On reverse centered below NO.

Lettering Images:

Comparison of the original CD 164 Mold 8 (left) and the retooled Mold 8.1 (right)

Comparison of the original lettering (CD 164, Mold 8; left, above) and retooled (CD 164, Mold 8.1; right, below). Serifs are added to the bottom of Y; B is made slightly wider; on some pieces remnants of the original B can be detected; the vertical line of the retooled B extends slightly below the base of the letter.

Arrow marks the line that encircles the skirt of this mold.

CD164, Mold 8