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CD 164 - Mold 8

CD 164 Mold 8 front
CD 164 Mold 8 reverse
Color: Aqua
Base Type: SB


Features: Lettering is weak and tentative, shallow with rounded edges; on front, the top half of the L logo is very faint; remnants of circular blot-outs can be seen on the front behind LYNCHBURG. On reverse, there are two barely discernable blot outs following 38-; there is no period after NO; and the S of U.S.A. is slanted to the right. There is a faint line that totally encircles insulator just below the lettering (see first lettering closeup, most clearly seen below the Y; for a more pronounced version of this line, see Mold 14; also Mold 13). On some pieces, portions of the line can be felt inside the skirt. The mold number is placed very low on the skirt. This mold was retooled to strengthen lettering: CD164, Mold 8.1.

Mold Number Location: On reverse centered below NO.

Lettering Images:

CD 164 Mold 8 compare CD 164 Mold 8.1 compare
Comparison of the original CD 164 Mold 8 (left) and the retooled Mold 8.1 (right).

:CD 164 Mold 8 front letteringCD 164 Mold 8.1 front lettering
Comparison of the original lettering (CD 164 Mold 8, above) and retooled (CD 164 Mold 8.1, below).

CD 164 Mold 8 reverse detail
Arrow marks the line that encircles the skirt of this mold.

Mold 164, Mold 8.1