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CD 164 - Mold 13

Color: Light Aqua *
Base Type: SB:l

* temporary photos

Features: Lettering is generally even and shallow with rounded edges. On reverse, S slants to the right. NO. 38, which was retained unchanged from the Gayner mold, is smaller than normal, about 6mm rather than the usual 9mm (see comparison below); there is no dash after 38. The mold number is placed differently than other molds, below 38 rather than below NO. There is a faint raised line that encircles the skirt just below LYNCHBURG on the front and U.S.A. on the reverse (see detail below; for a more pronounced version of this line, see CD 164, Mold 14; also Mold 8 and Mold 8.1). Several unique features of this mold are shared with Mold 14, both of which retained these features from the original Gayner molds (see below). This mold was retooled to strengthen lettering, CD 164, Mold 13.1.

Further Information: The lines around the skirt and shallow "slug plate" on Lynchburg CD 164 Molds 13 and 14 were features of the original Gayner molds from which these were retooled (see comparison below). It is possible that these two molds had already been reused and modified by Gayner from another company's molds. However, there is no evidence at this time to prove that or to determine what the original molds were.

Mold Number Location: On reverse centered below 38.

Lettering Images:

Arrows mark the line that encircles the skirt on all versions of this mold.

Comparison of CD 164 Gayner Mold 13 (left) and Lynchburg Mold 13.1 (right)

Detail comparison of Gayner Mold 13 (left) Lynchburg Mold 13.1 (right).
The line that encircles the skirt is visible on both pieces.