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CD 164 - Mold 4

CD 164 Mold 4 front
Color: Lt. Blue Aqua
Base Type: SB:s


Features: Lettering is slightly uneven and weak, with rounded edges. On front, there are a series of large circular blot-outs beneath LYNCHBURG, and two small circle blotouts above B and R; there is no L logo. On reverse, all of the original lettering is retained, including the Gayner style number NO 38-20; there is no period after NO; the mold number is larger than usual. This mold was retooled to strengthen lettering and add logo, CD 164 Mold 4.1.

Mold Number Location: On reverse below and partially between N and O.

Further Information: This mold was re-lettered from a Gayner CD 164 mold. The same mold also exists without any front lettering (No Name), presumably later lettered GAYNER. There also exists a second and different NO Name CD 164 mold whose origin and production is unknown, although presumably a Gayner product (see below). Assuming that it is a Gayner product, it is unknown why two different molds exist with the same mold number since both Gayner and Lynchburg were meticulous in the numbering of molds.

Lettering Images:

No Name mold
Detail of the reverse lettering on CD 164 No Name Mold 4; this mold does not have any lettering on the front. This is the same mold used for both Gayner's CD 164 (see below) and Lynchburg's CD 164 Mold 4.

G164-4 reverse letteriing
Detail of reverse lettering of Gayner CD 164 Mold 4 showing same lettering as No Name version (above)

This is a second CD 164 No Name Mold 4 that is clearly different than the first one pictured above,
with slightly different lettering placed much higher on the skirt, and a differently shaped mold number, although apparently made by the same company.