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CD 162 - Type I, Mold G8.1

Color: Light Aqua
Base Type: CDP:w

photos courtesy Jim Frusteri

Features: Retooling of CD 162 Type I, Mold G8 to strengthen lettering. On front, lettering is now strong with triangular edges (see below). There are five barely discernible circle blot-outs beneath LYNCHBURG; these may not be visible on all pieces. On reverse, MADE IN U.S.A. is now stronger; periods are especially heavy (see below); the S slants slightly to the right. There are three circle blot-outs beneath MADE IN U.S.A. This mold was later reworked into Type II (CD 162 II, Mold G8), and then reworked again into Type III (CD 162 III, Mold G8). For comparison of the different versions/types, see below.

Mold Number Location: on reverse centered below NO.

Lettering Images:

Detail of front lettering showing strong, triangular letters.

Detail of reverse lettering, showing stregthened periods.

type Itype IItype III
Comparison of the three major versions of Gayner mold CD 162 Mold G8:
Type I (left), Type II (center), Type III (right).