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Correspondence: Lynchburg Glass Corporation

This is a collection of letters and telegrams that relate to various aspects of the Lynchburg Glass Corporation.

The collection contains both original letters and telegrams. Access to the originals courtesy of Justin Stoudt. These were scanned by Dennis Bratcher and some converted to text. Both the scan of originals and the text version (where available) are included. Handwritten letters were transcribed from both the originals and the scans. [not yet complete]

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November 1, 1924, Erwin Feldspar to William Gayner
Response to Mr. Gayner form Erwin Feldspar Corporation about composition and formula for glass used in high voltage insulators.


May 16, 1925, J. William Gayner to John Victor
Informing Mr. Victor of ads and letters in his attempt to locate a new plant manager, with a comment about Mr. Ellers and his role in the company.


May 21, 1925, J. William Gayner to John Victor
Mr. Gayner informs Mr. Victor of responses to his inquiries about a new plant manager. He also states that he could turn the plant around if he had complete control of the plant for five weeks, again reflecting the conflict between Mr. Gayner and Mr. Eller over plant operations and priorities.


May 23, 1925, John Victor to William Gayner
Request for Mr. Gayner to present to the Board a specific proposal for restructuring production at the plant.


May 25, 1925 J. William Gayner to John Victor
Mr. Gayner reponding to Mr. Victor's request for his ideas about putting the plant on a break-even basis within five weeks and the estimated cost of doing so.


May 27, 1925 J. William Gayner to John Victor
Forwarding a letter to Mr. Victor concerning a replacement factory superintendent.