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Correspondence: Sale of the Lynchburg Glass Plant

This is a collection of letters and telegrams between W. H. Loyd and various prospective buyers and investors who might be interested in the Lynchburg Glass plant. Some are prospects contacted by Mr. Loyd trying to interest them in the plant. Some are inquiries from potential buyers who are wanting more information. And there are several exchanges relating to proposed or actual contracts on the plant. In his responses, Mr. Loyd often gives information about the plant as well as reflections on its failure and what could be done to make it successful.

The collection contains both original letters and telegrams received by Mr. Loyd and carbon copies of letters sent by Mr. Loyd. Unfortunately, not every letter was preserved, so that some responses refer to letters not included in the collection. Access to the originals courtesy of Justin Stoudt. These were scanned by Dennis Bratcher and converted to text. Both the scan of originals and the text version are included. Handwritten letters were transcribed from both the originals and the scans. [not yet complete]

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January 10, 1927, Mr. Loyd to C. L Scott
This letter contains a brief history of the two Lynchburg companies and the plant's present potential.

January 24, 1927, Mr. Loyd to Jonathan Berkley
This letter mentions the total sales of both companies, as well as the financial struggles of the second company.


April 23, 1927, Mr. Loyd to Pete Moore
Part of a series of letters to Mr. Moore; presents possiblities of ware to be produced, estimated sales, along with references to equipment.