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Pettingell-Andrews Catalog, 1924

A listing of Lynchburg's insulators in the 1924 catalog of Pettingell-Andrews, wholesale distributors of electrical merchandise (Catalog No. 25, Pettingell-Andrews Company, Boston, R. R. Donnelly and Sons, 1924, p. 334.) The illustrations are copied from Lynchburg's Product Flyer, 1924, most of which were in turn copied from a 1921 Hemingray catalog. Note that the illustration for No. 31 (CD 112.1) is of a Hemingray CD 113. The illustration for the No. 2 Cable (CD 252) was taken from a Brookfield catalog.

pettingell-andrews catalog, 1924


Lynchburg Insulator Flyer, 1924