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Lynchburg Letter: W. H. Loyd to William Gayner

November 16, 1927

Mr. Loyd informs Mr. Gayner of an offer to "a Birmingham concern" to purchase either the entire plant or only the equipment.

Original was scanned and converted to text by Dennis Bratcher. A scan of the original letter is below.



Mr. J.Wm.Gayner
29-- 7th Street
Salem, N.J.

Dear Mr. Gayner:

Enclosed inquiry may interest your firm. Please answer it or refer to some other factory.

Our people here have offered the plant as a whole for sixty thousand or the entire equipment for twenty five thousand to a Birmingham concern and I am afraid that they are going to take up the equipment offer and wreck the factory, leaving nothing but the two boilers and buildings.

This will be a shame as you well know but they are not interested in keeping the glass industry for Lynchburg. I only wish that you and I could interest the capital to take this property over and operate it. C.R.Underwood of the Brockway Sales Company has expressed his desire to get the tonnage here from this plant and put up half the money to start it and take the entire production at market price less brokerage,paying for ware as it is packed.What do you think of going over there to Brockway and seeing this party right away. He seems to be so busy that he will never get the chance to come here. I have been expecting him each week for several months.

If this should interest you it will have to be worked at once,without a moments delay as I think the Birmingham, crowd will act this week or next.

With a satisfactory arrangement like this with Brockway, the plant can be bought on terms making first payment of five thousand. Then four thousand will put three Lynch machines here on spaced payment plan.In addition to this I believe that ten thousand will make repairs and get plant up to production point and fifteen thousand moore [sic] will run it thirty days. With forty thousand in sight the place can be put under production even buying a new compressor if necessary. I think the two here can be put in shape and will [last] for a while at least.

Brockway Sales' Company's Mr. Underwood is a builder and he will put any plant on its feet if he takes hold.They have just completed a new unit at Brockwayville Plant.

Yours very truly,