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CD 306 - Mold 2

Color: Blue Aqua
Base Type: CDP:n *

* this piece has considerable base damage on reverse - piece courtesy Michael Pollock

General Features: This mold is reworked from CD 281, Mold 2 to add top groove. Lettering is strong and even with rounded edges; both front and reverse lettering are off center to the left in relation to the top groove. On front, C resembles G; R is oddly formed. On reverse, U. S. A. is widely spaced; the lower arm of E is longer; bottom curve of S is smaller. NO. 181 is located on top of the left ear; it is much shallower and partially recessed. The mold number is die stamped and weak.

Mold Number Location: on reverse to the left of MADE.

Lettering Images: