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CD 252 - Mold E

Color: Green Aqua
Base Type: CDP


General Features: On front, lettering is generally weak and uneven, with rounded edges. The L logo is off center in the oval to the right, N is backwards, H is wider than normal, and the bottom of B is smaller. On reverse, lettering is more uneven, with MADE IN U. S. A. weaker and placed just above the base edge. № 2 CABLE is off center to the left and MADE IN U.S.A. is slightly off center to the right. The N of IN is backwards; the B is larger and heavier than other letters, 2 is oddly formed.

Lettering Images:

CD 252 E front letters
Detail of front lettering, with off-center L in logo and backward N.

Detail of reverse lettering, with backward N.