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CD 251 - Mold 4

252, 4f
253, 4r
Color: Light Aqua
Base Type: CDP


Features: Both front and reverse lettering are strong and even, with mostly triangular edges. On front, L logo is weak, with rounded edges. On reverse, No. 1 is slightly off center to the left. Remnants of NEGM lettering are visible on both front and reverse (see below and CD 251, Mold 6). Mold number is often very weak.

Mold Number Location: on the reverse, above the O of NO.

Lettering Images:

negm ren=mnants
On the front, remnants of NEGM lettering can be seen faintly beneath the new LYNCHBURG lettering.

date remnants
On the reverse, remnants of the old patent information, PAT JUNE 17 1890 can be seen.
Here U of JUNE can be seen beneath IN.