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CD 205 - Mold 2

Color: Lt. Aqua *
Base Types: SB:s

* piece has gold paint on lettering; piece courtesy Steve Blair

Features: Lettering is strong and even with triangular edges. On front, some letters slant slightly to the left; C is similar to G. On reverse, NO. 53 is weaker with rounded edges; MADE is small and U.S.A. is widely spaced; lower curve of S is larger. Mold number is uniquely shaped with a wide base extending to the right (see original Gayner piece below). This mold was retooled to change the style number, CD 205 Mold 2.1.

Mold Number Location: On reverse below the period following NO.

Lettering Images:

Gayner reverse
Detail of reverse lettering on original Gayner CD 205 Mold 2,
showing the unique shape of the mold number retained on Lynchburg mold.