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CD 164 - Mold 7.1

Color: Green
Base Type: SB:s


Features: Retooled CD 164, Mold 7. On front, lettering is now bold, deeply cut with triangular edges. On reverse, most lettering has not been recut, except for the three periods after U.S.A., which are now strong and pronounced; remnants of the original weaker periods are visible after S and A (see below). U.S.A. remains very weak and on some pieces is difficult to see (see photo below). Also, a period is added after NO. A larger die stamped and slightly recessed mold number is added to the right and below 38-; original mold number is usually not visible or indistinct on most pieces. The four large circle blot-outs on the front beneath LYNCHBURG and two circle blot-outs following 38- beneath MADE and U are still visible on most pieces.

Mold Number Location: On reverse centered below NO; a second mold number to the right and below 38-.

Lettering Images:

Arrows mark remnants of original periods.

Detail showing weak original lettering and retooled periods .