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CD 164 - Mold 6

Color: Light Aqua *
Base Type: SB:s

* piece and photos courtesy Justin Stoudt

Features: On front, lettering is strong and even with rounded edges. There is no L logo; B is slightly misshapen with a dot of glass in lower curve. On reverse, all Gayner lettering is retained. The arms of 3 are unusually long and flattened at the top. Mold number is very weak. This mold was retooled, CD 164 Mold 6.1, to correct the style number and add the L logo.

Additional Information: This same mold also occurs as a No Name, without either GAYNER or LYNCHBURG on the front.

Mold Number Location: On reverse between and below NO.

Lettering Images:

reverse letters
Detail showing reverse lettering.