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CD 164 - Mold 6.1

Color: Yellow Green *
Base Type: CDP:sm

* on this piece, skirt slumps slightly to the right - piece courtesy Steve Blair

Features: Retooling of CD 164, Mold 6 to correct style number and strengthen lettering. On front, lettering is now strong and even with rounded edges. The L logo has been added and is much weaker; oval around logo is lopsided and off center to the right; B is slightly misshapen with a dot of glass in lower curve. On reverse, lettering is weaker. The original NO. 38-20 has been modified, with -20 replaced by MADE IN/U.S.A. There is no dash after 38. The arms of 3 are unusually long and flattened at the top; letters MA are shallower with rounded edges; lower curve of S is uneven; A of U.S.A. is open and flat at the top (see photo below).

Mold Number Location: On reverse between and below NO.

Lettering Images:

Detail of reverse lettering showing weak MA, uneven bottom curve of S, and open top of second A.