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CD 164 - Mold 12*

CD 164 Mold 12 front
CD164 Mold 12 reverse
Color: Lt. Aqua
Base Type: CDP:w **

*this mold number was previously used to designate what is now CD 164 Mold 12.1
** this piece has base damage on reverse

Features: Lettering is even but shallow with rounded edges. On front: while there are no visible blot-outs on either side, there are six distinct flattened areas beneath LYNCHBURG. The L logo is usually very weak or indistinct. On reverse, NO is more widely spaced than normal; there is no dash after 38; S slants slightly to the right. The mold number is small and weak, with a uniquely made 2 (see photo below). Thia mold was retooled to strengthen front lettering, CD 164, Mold 12.1.

Mold Number Location: On reverse centered below NO.

Additional Information: This same mold also occurs both with GAYNER on the front, as well as without any front lettering (No Name) and with No. 38-20 on reverse (see below). This confirms a connection between Lynchburg and the No Name CD 164 No. 38-20 pieces. Since this is a Gayner mold, it is obvious that Lynchburg acquired the molds from Gayner. However, it is uncertain whether the No Name versions were made by Gayner or Lynchburg (see Gayner Insulators at Lynchburg?). It is possible that Gayner made the No Name version before lettering the GAYNER name on the molds. It is also possible that Lynchburg made some of the No Name pieces after blotting out GAYNER and before retooling the molds with the Lynchburg name and adding MADE IN U.S.A. to produce this version. However, there are no signs of blotouts on the No Name pieces.

Lettering Images:

CD 164 12r
Comparison of the No Name CD 164 Mold 12 (left, identical to those with GAYNER) and the same mold used by Lynchburg (Mold 12.1, right).