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CD 164 - Mold 11.1

Color: Green Aqua
Base Type: CDP:n


Features: Retooled CD 164, Mold 11; this version is identical to MOLD 11, except the front mold number has been enlarged; the new numbers are die stamped rather than engraved and the two numbers overlap slightly. On front, LYNCHBURG is slightly smaller than on other molds; the L logo is below the name, except for the original version of this mold (CD 164, Mold 11), the only such arrangement on Lynchburg CD 164s; the logo is slightly off center to the right. There are a series of barely visible circular blot outs beneath LYNCHBURG. On reverse, the bottom curve of S is much smaller than top; there is no period after NO (the No Name CD 164 also does not have a period following NO; see below). There is a dot instead of a dash following 38; there are two barely discernable blot-outs beneath MADE and U.S.

Mold Number Location: On reverse between and below NO. A second mold number is located on the front to the right and even with the bottom of the L logo.

Further Information: By comparing the reverse lettering, it is likely that the Lynchburg versions of CD 164, Mold 11 and Mold 11.1 were retooled from the No Name version of CD 164. Whether the No Name CD 164 Mold 11 originally carried the Gayner name that was subsequently blotted out by Lynchburg and then produced as a No Name before LYNCHBURG was added, or if the No Name version was produced by Gayner as a No Name before being acquired by Lynchburg is unknown. See Gayner Insulators at Lynchburg?

Lettering Images:

No Name CD164 reverse
Detail of No Name CD 164 Mold 11 showing lack of period following NO. It Is
likely that the Lynchbburg CD 164 Mold 11.1 was originally retooled from this mold (see comments above).