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CD 164 - Mold 1.1

Color: Lt. Blue Aqua
Base Type: SB:s


Features: Retooled CD 164 Mold 1. Lettering is now strong with triangular edges; on pieces made later the lettering is worn and appears more rounded (see below). On front, the series of large but indistinct circular blot-outs beneath LYNCHBURG are still visible on some pieces. On reverse, NO. 38- is weaker with rounded edges; the circular blot out following No. 38- is still pronounced on some pieces; 3 has extended arms with top arm arched and bottom arm ending in an upward curve; 8 is much larger at bottom (see below). The mold number is usually very weak. New stronger periods are added; there are remnants of previous periods following S and A (see below), although on pieces made later these become harder to see.

Mold Number Location: On reverse centered below NO.

Lettering Images:

Arrows mark remnants of previous weak periods.

CD 164 1.1 reverse letters
Detail of reverse showing unique features of numbers.

Example of CD 164 Mold 1.1 made some time after retooling, with worn lettering that appears more rounded
(photo shows lens distortion).