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CD 162 - Type IV, Mold B15.1

Color: Lt. Smoky Sage Green*
Base Type: RDP:r

*some refer to this color as "Gingerale"

Features: Retooling of CD 162 IV, Mold B15; mold is machined about 6mm from the base on the front and about 4mm on reverse to strengthen the skirt, resulting in a skirt that flares outward at the very bottom (see below). The machining is not evenly done resulting in some places thicker than others. Lettering is only slightly affected, noticeable in the bottom of C on front and the bottom of the mold number and U.S. on reverse (see below).

Mold Number Location: on reverse below O of NO.

Lettering Images:

Detail showing loss of bottom of some letters on front.

Detail showing loss of bottoms of mold number and U. S.

Slight outward flare at bottom of skirt, the result of machining of the skirt.