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CD 162 - Type III, Mold G5

Color: Blue Aqua *
Base Type: SB:s

*see color comparison below

Features: Reworking of CD 162 I, Mold G5 and CD 162 II, Mold G5 to further widen wire groove. Lettering is basically unchanged from CD 162 II, Mold G5. Lettering is strong and even with triangular edges, although somewhat worn. On front, faint traces of original misshapen N and upside down G can sometimes be seen beneath new letters. Circular blot outs beneath LYNCHBURG are barely visible on some pieces. On reverse, S is slightly misshapen; original incorrect periods before .U.S.A are faintly visible on some pieces (see below). MADE IN is often indistinct; often 36 is nearly illegible. On some pieces, all of the lettering is very shallow and worn.

Mold Number Location: Original number on reverse centered below NO, although often nearly invisible due to wear; second number to the left and below NO.

Lettering Images:

Arrows indicate remnants of original incorrect periods.

Blue Aqua often appears Blue in comparison to the more common Aqua.
Here is a comparison of Aqua with Green (left), Blue Aqua (center), and Blue (right).