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CD 162 - Type III, Mold G4.1

Color: Green Aqua *
Base Type: CDP:w

*this piece has base damage

Features: Reworking of CD 162 Type I, Mold G4 (this mold has not been confirmed in Type II) and CD 162 Type III, Mold G4. Lettering is strong and even with rounded edges. On front, L logo is weaker; blot outs are not usually visible. On reverse, original blot out following 36 is usually not visible; there is no dash following 36; lower curve of 3 is larger. Original mold number is very faint, on some pieces not distinguishable; a new mold number is die stamped below and between NO. and 36.

Mold Number Location: Original number on reverse centered below NO; second number below and between NO. and 36.

Lettering Images:

162 III G4 reverse lettering
Detail of reverse lettering showing added die stamped mold number.