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CD 162 - Type III, Mold G3.1

Color: Green *
Base Type: CDP:w

*some call this Lt. 7-Up Green

Features: Retooling of CD 162 III, Mold G3, with entirely new lettering (see Further Information below). Lettering is strong and even with rounded edges. On front, C resembles G; the lower part of B is smaller. On reverse, lettering is unique for Lynchburg CD 162, consisting of a single line NO. 36 and large letters U.S.A. with no MADE IN. The 6 is misshapen at the bottom; periods following NO and U are placed high. There is a line that encircles the skirt 20mm above the base; it is not distinguishable all the way around on all pieces, but is usually clearly visible at the mold lines where it cuts off the bottom 20mm of the original outer mold seam (see below).

Mold Number Location: on reverse below and between 36 and U.

Further information: Unlike other Gayner molds none of the Gayner lettering is retained from the original mold, and there are no visible blot-outs that characterize other retooled Gayner molds.

A couple of features provide evidence that this is a retooled CD 162 Type III, Mold G3 from an original Gayner Type I, Mold G3. Lynchburg was very consistent in numbering molds and retaining those numbers when reworking or retooling molds. On the original Type I, Mold G3 as well as the retooled Type III, Mold G3, there is a wide seam line beside the mold line on the front half of the insulator mold (below left). On the reworked Type III, Mold G3 a similar seam line appears at the very top of the skirt, but abruptly ends 20mm above the base where a line encircles the skirt. This line is easily seen and can be felt on many pieces. In the photo below, the line intersects the L logo where there is an irregularity in the formation of the oval. This line marks the upper edges of a machining of the mold at the lower skirt.

As noted on the original retooled version, CD 162 Type III, Mold G3, the lettering especially on the front showed signs of deterioration of the surface of the mold, leaving very rough and broken letters. Apparently Lynchburg machined the lower 20mm of the approximately 28mm skirt to remove the flaking metal and then cut new lettering into the smoothed surface. They retained the same mold number on the retooled piece, although adding it at a different place on the skirt. The bottom of the L logo oval was recut to match the remaining upper portion above the line (see below).

Lettering Images:

Arrows indicate the line that encircles the skirt and the slight irregularity in the oval of the logo at that point.

CD 162 I, G3 showing the seam line on left extending the entire height of the skirt.
CD 162 III, G3.1 showing the seam line ending 20mm above the base where the encircling line intersects it.