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CD 162 - Type III, Mold G10

Color: Bicolor Lt. Aqua/Green
Base Type: CDP:w


Features: Reworked CD 162 I, Mold G10 and CD 162 I, Mold G10.1 to widen wire groove and strengthen lettering. On many pieces, lettering is worn (as in photo above) but still distinct with triangular edges, although they frequently appear rounded. On front, circle blotouts are not usually visible; the oval of the logo is irregular; the entire logo is often very weak especially at the top. On reverse, MADE IN is often indistinct. Mold number is very weak and on some pieces not visible.

Additional Information: The original Type I, Mold G10 version of this mold is the only CD 162 that retains all of the reverse lettering from the Gayner mold, including the full Gayner style number, N0. 36-190. That version was quickly retooled to replace -190 with a weak MADE IN U.S.A. ( CD 162 I, Mold G10.1). It was later reworked into a Type II (CD 162 II, Mold G10) to widen the wire groove and strengthen the front lettering, then reworked again into this Type III version.

Mold Number Location: Reverse centered below NO.

Lettering Images: