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CD 162 - Type II, Mold B8

Color: Aqua
Base Type: CDP:w


Features: Lettering is strong, slightly uneven, with triangular edges. On front, NEW YORK is visible just above and partially beneath LYNCHBURG. On reverse, BROOKFIELD is visible between the two rows of lettering (see below); top curve of S is short. Mold number is die stamped and slightly recessed. On this piece, the upper part of the lower two halves of this mold (skirt and wire groove) did not fit well, resulting in pronounced mold lines in the wire groove (see below). This may not appear on all pieces.

Mold Number Location: Reverse centered below No. 36.

Lettering Images:

Detail showing NEW visible on front above LYNCH; YORK is also visible to the right.

Arrows mark BRO of Brookfield visible on reverse.

Detail showing ridge along mold line in wire groove.

CD162 Type II Mold 8 detail
Detail of reverse lettering.