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CD 162 - Type II, Mold B12

CD162 Type 2 mold 2 front
CD162 type 2 mold 12 reverse
Color: Lt. Blue *
Base Type: CDP:w

*on this piece, the top crown sags slightly to the left and front; see Sagging

Features: Lettering is strong and even with triangular edges. On front, remnants of NEW YORK are visible above LYNCHBURG and beneath L logo (see below); L logo is very small. On reverse, traces of BROOKFIELD are visible beneath and between the two rows of lettering. The 3 slants to the left; diagonal line of N in IN does not reach top or bottom of vertical lines. Mold number is die stamped and slightly recessed; the 2 is stamped slightly higher than the 1 and is struck deeper at the top.

Mold Number Location: Reverse centered below NO. 36

Lettering Images:

remnants of NEW YORK on front
Arrows mark letters NEW of original NEW YORK on front.