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CD 162 - Type I, Mold G4

Color: Blue Aqua
Base Type: CDP:w


Features: Lettering is generally very weak, except for NO. 36 on reverse, which was retained from the Gayner mold. On front, lettering is small and shallow, with rounded edges. There are a series of very faint circle blot-outs beneath LYNCHBURG. On reverse, there is a tiny circle blot out following 36 eliminating the original dash, and very faint circle blot outs beneath MADE IN U.S.A., which is very weak. This mold was reworked to widen the wire groove, CD 162 Type III, Mold G4, and retooled to add a second mold number, CD162 Type III, Mold 4.1.

Mold Number Location: On reverse centered below NO.

Lettering Images: