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CD 162 - Type I, Mold G1

Color: Lt. Aqua *
Base Type: CDP:w

*actual color of this piece is lighter

Features: On front, lettering is crudely engraved, shallow with rounded edges; the C is especially weak (see below). There are five circle blot-outs beneath LYNCHBURG (see below). There are short vertical lines to the left of L and to the right of G (see below); the left line is much stronger than the right one; these do not appear on original Gayner lettered pieces. On reverse, NO. 36 is strong while MADE IN U.S.A. is crudely made and uneven; the lower arm of 3 is squared at the bottom; the S is misshapen. The mold number is very faint and is not discernable on some pieces. This mold was reworked twice, into CD 162 II, Mold G1, and into CD 162 III, Mold G1, which was then retooled twice, CD 162 III, G1.1 and CD 162 III, G1.2. For comparison of the three different versions, see below.

Mold Number Location: On reverse centered below NO.

Lettering Images:

lettering front
Original crude lettering on first production of Gayner Mold G1; the short vertical line to the left of L appears on all
versions of this mold, although it becomes fainter with use.

lettering reverse
Detail of the mold number; even in early production it is very faint and is difficult or impossible to distinguish on later versions.

blot out
Arrow marks one of the circle blot-outs beneath LYNCHBURG.

type Itype IIType III
Comparison of the three versions of CD 162 Mold G1: Type I (left), Type II (center), Type III (right).