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CD 160 - Type II, Mold 10.1

Color: Lt. Green Aqua * Base Type: RDP:r

* piece and photos courtesy Terry Drollinger

General Features: Reworking of CD 160 II, Mold 10 to reshape top of crown. Lettering is unchanged, generally strong with both rounded and triangular edges. On front, LYNCHBURG is strong with triangular edges while the L logo is much weaker with rounded edges; H is slightly larger. Front lettering is about 6 mm from the base. On reverse, NO. 32 is weaker with 3 lower than 2; MADE IN U.S.A. is strong with triangular edges. There are a series of concentric circles that are tooling marks at the top of crown (see below). Crown top now comes to a distinct peak, while the sides of the dome directly above the wore groove are enlarged. At present, this piece is the only example of this variation.

Additional Information: This version represents the second reworking of the crown top for this mold, first to change the Gayner profile (CD 160 Type II, Mold 10), then to enlarge the crown top (CD 160 Type II, Mold 10.1). It is possible that the mold was damaged in some way or developed irregularities that necessitated a reworking of the crown top. If this is the case, CD 160 Type II, Mold 10.1 represents the first attempt to rework the crown, with CD 160 Type II, Mold 10.2 the second and more significant reworking of the crown to keep the mold in production.

Mold Number Location: On reverse below NO. 32

Lettering Images:

Detail of crown top with arrows marking the concentric tooling marks that produced the pointed top.

Comparison of the four versions of Lynchburg CD 160, Mold 10:
Type I, Mold 10 (left); Type II, Mold 10 (left center); Type II Mold 10.1 (right center), Type II Mold 10.2 (right).
Photos courtesy Andrew Gibson and Terry Drollinger

CD 160 Mold 10:

Type I, Mold 10

Type II, Mold 10

Type II, Mold 10.1

Type II, Mold 10.2