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CD 160 - Type II, Mold 1

Color: Light Aqua Base Type: CDP:n


General Features: Lettering is generally strong with both rounded and triangular edges. On front, LYNCHBURG is strong with triangular edges while the L logo is much weaker with rounded edges; the C extends lower than other letters; the letters URG are larger than previous letters. On reverse, NO. 32 is weaker with rounded edges, while MADE IN U.S.A. is strong with triangular edges; 2 is placed higher than 3. The mold number is unusually large, engraved over the original smaller number. There is a 1/2" diameter circle on top of crown (see below). This feature may not appear on all pieces.

Mold Number Location: On reverse below NO. 32

Lettering Images:

CD 160 II  mold 1 crown
Detail of crown showing circle on top.