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CD 154 - Type III, Mold L9

Color: BI-Color Lt. Blue Aqua/Green
w/Amber streaks and tiny bubbles
Base Type: CDP:w


Features: Lettering generally is very strong, deeply cut with triangular edges. On front, the L logo is shallower with rounded edges. On reverse, the right leg of the A of U.S.A. is cut at an angle to the right. The mold number is die stamped. The lower part of the skirt shows a series of horizontal machining marks that begin about 20mm from the base and extend to the base rim (see below).

Additional Information: This is the second CD 154 Lynchburg mold with this number (CD 154, Type II Mold L9), a rare occurrence among Lynchburgs. It is uncertain whether this is a reworking of the original Type II, Mold L9 to repair deterioration of the mold surface, a modification of another mold, or a new mold. In any case, CD 154 Type III, Mold L9 is a slightly different shape, yet seems to have replaced the original Type II Mold L6, and so carries the same mold number.

Mold Number Location: on reverse above and between NO. and 44.

Lettering Images:

Comparison of CD154 Mold 9, Type II (left) and Type III (right)

CD 154 II mold number-CD 154 III mold number
Comparison of mold numbers and lettering on CD 154 Type II L9 (left) and Type III L9 (right).

tooling marks
Series of horizontal machining tool marks on the lower 20mm of the skirt of CD 154 III, Mold L9.