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CD 154 - Type II, Mold L5

Color: Sage Yellow Green
Base Type: RDP:r

piece courtesy Steve Blair

Features: Lettering is reasonably strong, uneven, with rounded edges; on many pieces the lettering is worn and indistinct. On front, there is no L logo; the C and G are larger and are similar; the diagonal stroke of the N is very heavy, especially at the bottom. On reverse, lettering is very uneven; the O of NO is larger than the N; there is no period following NO; the first four is wider; the S is slanted slightly to the left. Mold number is slanted to the left and usually very weak, especially at the top (see below).

Additional Information: There is a second CD 154 Lynchburg mold with this number (CD 154 Type III, Mold L5), a rare occurrence among Lynchburgs. It is uncertain whether Type III, L5 is a reworking of this mold to repair deterioration of the mold surface, a modification of another mold, or a new mold. Tooling marks on the second version suggests the reworking of a previous mold. In any case, CD 154 Type III, Mold L5 is a slightly different shape and seems to have replaced this mold, and so carries the same mold number.

Mold Number Location: on reverse above and between NO and 44.

Lettering Images:

mold number
Detail of reverse of CD 154 Type II, Mold L5 showing mold and style numbers.