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CD 154 - Type II, Mold L22

Color: Clear with trace of yellow tint
Base Type: RDP:f


Features: Lettering is bold and even, with triangular edges. On some pieces the lettering is very worn (see below). On front, L logo is shallower, with rounded edges; it is often indistinct or barely visible. The C is slightly misshapen with squared arms resembling G. On reverse, S is oversize and slanted to the left (see below); bottom right leg of A is extended to the right. The mold number is die stamped, with the second 2 slightly higher.

Mold Number Location: on front skirt to the left and slightly below LYNCHBURG.

Lettering Images:

reverse U.S.A.
Detail showing the left slant of the S

worn front lettering
Example of worn lettering seen on some pieces of CD 154 II, Mold L22.
Poor glass flow or glass too cool when pressed may contrubute on this piece.