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CD 154 - Type II, Mold L2.1

Color: Teal Blue
Base Type: NDP:r irregular


Features: Retooling of CD 154 II, Mold L2 to strengthen lettering on front. Lettering is generally weak and shallow, uneven with rounded edges. On front, the letters HBURG are now cut slightly deeper than the other letters (see below). Otherwise, lettering is small; the C and G are slightly larger than other letters; the L logo is slightly off center to the right and is often very weak. . On reverse, O is slightly larger than N; period after NO is very weak, often not visible; 44 is widely spaced and on some pieces the first 4 is considerably weaker (see below); the horizontal arms of 44 slant upward to the left. The mold number is often indistinct. Lettering is often worn with the skirt showing blotches, indicating deterioration of the mold surface.

Additional Information: There is a second CD 154 Lynchburg mold with this number (CD 154 Type III, Mold L2), a rare occurrence among Lynchburgs. It is uncertain whether III, L2 is a reworking of this mold to repair deterioration of the mold surface, a modification of another mold, or a new mold. It is likely that it is a reworking of this mold. In any case, CD 154 Type III, Mold L2 is a slightly different shape and seems to have replaced this mold, so carries the same mold number.

CD 164 IICD 154 III
Comparison of CD 154 Mold 2 Type II (left) and Type III (right)

Mold Number Location: on reverse above and between NO. and 44.

Lettering Images:

front lettering
Detail of front showing HBURG cut slightly heavier than other letters..

reverse lettering
Detail showing widely spaced numbers, weaker first 4, and blotches above O.