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CD 154 - Type II, Mold L12

Color: Yellow Green *
Base Type: CDP:w, slanted inward

*temporary photos; photos are distorted by the angle and lens

Features: Lettering is reasonably strong and slightly uneven, with rounded edges. On front, lettering is small; there is no L logo; the C is similar to the G and is lower than other letters. On reverse, there is a gap between U.S. and the final A; the S slants slightly to the left; the second 4 is slightly larger. The mold number is die stamped with the 2 slightly higher than the 1; the number is usually very faint if visible at all. On some pieces there are blotches around the skirt indicating a deterioration of the mold surface. This mold was retooled to strengthen front lettering, CD 154 Type II, Mold 12.1.

Mold Number Location: on reverse above and between NO. and 44.

Additional Information: There is a second CD 154 Lynchburg mold with this number (CD 154 Type III, Mold L12), a rare occurrence among Lynchburgs. It is uncertain whether III, L12 is a reworking of this mold to repair deterioration of the mold surface, a modification of another mold, or a new mold. In any case, CD 154 Type III, Mold L12 is a slightly different shape and seems to have replaced this mold, and so carries the same mold number.

Lettering Images:

original front lettering
retooled front lettering
Comparison of the original front lettering on CD 154 II, Mold L12 (top)
and the retooled CD 154 II, Mold L12.1 that strengthened BURG (bottom).