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CD 154 - Type II, Mold L11

Color: Yellow Green
Base Type: CDP:w slanted inward


Features: Lettering is shallow and even with rounded edges, placed very close to the base. On some pieces, parts of letters on both front and reverse are not fully formed. On front, lettering is small; there is no L logo. On reverse, IN is slightly larger than MADE and the O of NO. is larger than N; the period after NO. is very faint and is not visible on some pieces; S is slanted slightly to the left. On some pieces the A in U.S.A. appears normal. On others, the bottom right leg of the A is misshapen to various degrees (see below), likely due to a piece of foreign material lodged in the incised cut of the letter. Depending on the drip point collar used, this mold is about 2mm shorter than most other molds (c. 98mm).

Mold Number Location: on reverse above the first 4 of 44.

Lettering Images:

fully formed A rigth leg of A shorter right leg of A absent sharp A
fully formed letter right leg shorter right leg absent cleanly formed letter

Detail of A in U.S.A. on different examples of CD 154 II, L11 showing different formations of the letter; likely due to foreign material in the mold preventing the letter from forming fully. The right photo is a much later version in which the lettering has been cleaned and lightly re-cut, evidenced by the clear tinted color that only occurs in later production.

mold number
Detail showing mold number.

CD 154 Type II, Mold L11 with Round Drip Points