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CD 154 - Type II, Mold L1

Color: Aqua
Base Type: CDP:s


Features: Lettering is generally shallow with mixed rounded and triangular edges. Front lettering is small; there is no L logo; C is larger than other letters. On reverse, there is no period after NO; O is larger than N; lower curve of S is larger than top. The numbers 44 are backward and are shallower than other letters (see below). This error was evidently corrected quickly, since this mold is rare. This mold version has been reported in Green Aqua with RDP. However, I can only confirm it in Aqua with CDP. This mold was retooled to correct the lettering error, CD 154 Type II, Mold L1.1

Additional Information: Additional Information: There is a second CD 154 Lynchburg mold with this number (CD 154 Type III, Mold L1), a rare occurrence among Lynchburgs. It is uncertain whether it is a reworking of the original Type II, Mold L1 to repair deterioration of the mold surface (see below), a modification of another mold, or a new mold. In any case, CD 154 Type III, Mold L1 is a slightly different shape, yet seems to have replaced the original Type II Mold L1, and so carries the same mold number.

Comparison of CD 154 Mold L1, Type II (left) and Type III (right)

Mold Number Location: on reverse above and to the left of 44.

Lettering Images:

backwards 44
Detail showing backwards numbers on reverse.

CD 154, II, Mold 1CD 154 II, Mold 1.1
Comparison of original CD 154 II Mold L1 (left) and retooled CD 154 II Mold L1.1 (right)