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CD 154 - Type I, Mold G4

Color: Blue Aqua
Base Type: CDP:w


Features: On front, lettering is strong, slightly uneven with triangular edges; the L logo is smaller than usual and off center to the right. There are six circular blot outs beneath LYNCHBURG that removed GAYNER (see below). On reverse, lettering is unchanged from Gayner mold, slightly uneven with mostly rounded edges. There is no L logo on crown. Mold number is very small and close to the base.

Additional Information: See information at CD 154 Type II, Mold L4

Mold Number Location: on reverse below period following NO.

Lettering Images:

blot outs
Arrows indicate circle blotouts that removed original GAYNER.

sagging frontsagging reverse
Example of CD 153 II, Mold G4 that sagged after removal from the mold (See Sagging).
piece courtesy Steve Blair