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CD 154 - Type I, Mold G1.1

CD 154 Type I Mold 1.1 front
CD 154 Type I, Mold 1.1
Color: Lt. Aqua *
Base Type: CDP:w

*photos courtesy Tim Baggett

Features: Retooling of CD 154 Type GI, Mold 1 to enlarge the mold number. Otherwise they are identical. Front lettering is strong and even with triangular edges; there are six circular blot outs beneath LYNCHBURG that removed GAYNER. Reverse lettering is unchanged from Gayner mold, with mostly rounded edges. Original mold number has been overcut with a larger number (see below). There is an L logo on top of crown.

Mold Number Location: on reverse below period following NO.

Lettering Images:

mold number mold number retooled
Comparison of original mold number (left) and retooled mold number (right).