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CD 122 - Mold 7

Color: Clear w/Smoky Gray tint
Base Type: NDP:sm, slanting inward


General Features: Lettering is even and strong, generally larger than other molds, with triangular edges. There are no discernable blotouts on either front or reverse. On front, the L logo is large and circular; the right leg of R is short. On reverse, the upper stroke of 3 is straight while on all other CD 122 molds the 3 is rounded. The mold number is die stamped and slightly recessed.There is an L logo on top of crown; on some pieces the L is indistinct while the oval is usually clear.

Additional information: This mold is unique among Lynchburg CD 122, both in shape and in lettering size and style. CD 122 Mold 7 is 5-6 mm shorter than the other 11 molds (see comparison below). The skirt and wire groove are about the same, but the crown is much shorter. As with most Lynchburg CD 122, there is a distinct line that encircles the crown about 10 mm above the center of the upper wire groove lip, forming a slight irregularity that can be seen and felt. There are several possible explanations. Since it appears that Lynchburg modified the original crown top of CD 122 molds before production, it is possible that this crown was not modified to the same dimensions as others. Given the unique style of lettering for a Lynchburg CD 122, perhaps a different machinist modified this mold. It is also possible that there was some damage to the mold that was repaired, although I have not seen this mold number without the short crown. This is another case where we simply do not know.

Mold Number Location: On reverse to the right and slightly above 30.

Lettering Images:

compare Mold 2 and Mold 7
Comparison with normal mold (CD 122 Mold 2, left) and shorter CD 122 Mold 7 (right)

line around crown
Arrows indicate the line around the crown.

Detail showing the uniquely shaped 3.