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CD 121 - Mold 9

Color: Lt. Blue Aqua
Base Type: CDP:w


General Features: Lettering is even and strong. LYNCHBURG and MADE IN U.S.A. have triangular edges, while NO. 30, the mold number, and the crown logo have rounded edges. On reverse, the 3 of 30 is weaker. The original Gayner mold number was backwards; Lynchburg corrected the error in their retooling of the Gayner mold. This accounts for the irregularity of the mold number (see below). L logo is on top of crown (see below).

Mold Number Location: On reverse centered below NO. 30.

Lettering Images:

mold number
Detail showing irregularity of the mold number that corrected the original Gayner backwards number.

The L logo on on top of crown.