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CD 121 - Mold 3

Color: Lt. Aqua
Base Type: CDP:w


General Features: Lettering is even and strong. LYNCHBURG and MADE IN U.S.A. have triangular edges, while NO. 30, the mold number, and the crown logo have mostly rounded edges. On reverse, NO, 0, and the mold number are retained from Gayner mold (see below). There is a rough area beneath the 0 of 30; the 3 is weaker and misaligned. Lower arm of E is longer. Logo is on top of crown (see below).

Mold Number Location: On reverse centered below NO. 30.

Lettering Images:

The L logo on on top of crown.

Detail of reverse lettering on original Gayner mold. Note that the Gayner NO. 160 originally had triangular edges that appear more rounded on Lynchburg pieces, likely due to wear.