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CD 112.1* - Mold C

CD112 C front
CD112-C reverse
Color: Sage Aqua **
Base Type: SDP:sm, slanted inward

* The CD designation for this style of Lynchburg insulator was changed from CD 112 to CD 112.1 in 2018.

**this piece has staining inside skirt

Features: Bold evenly spaced lettering with triangular edges. On reverse, top curve of S is larger. Brookfield shop marking 01 (or 10) on top of crown. This mold was retooled to add mold number, CD 112.1, Mold 3; otherwise they are identical

Mold Number Location: No mold number.

Lettering Images:

CD112-C reverse letters
Detail showing reverse lettering and lack of mold number.