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CD 112.1* - Mold 2

Color: Aqua
Base Types: CDP:sm, slanted inward

**The CD designation for this style of Lynchburg insulator was changed from CD 112 to CD 112.1 in 2018.

Features: Retooled unumbered CD 112.1, Mold B to add mold number; otherwise they are identical. On reverse, S is thick with arms close together and placed slightly higher than U and S. Brookfield shop marking XO on top of crown (see below). On crown, there are concentric machining marks visible around the top, although on some pieces they are faint through wear of the mold. These extend beneath the XO Brookfield shop marking indicating that they are part of the original mold.

Mold Number Location: On the reverse between L logo and MADE IN U.S.A.

Lettering Images:

CD 112 Mold 2 green
CD 112.1 Mold 2 in Bright Green

XO shop marking
Brookfield shop marking on top of crown.

without mold no.with mold no.
Detail showing the original mold without number, CD 112.1, Mold B (left) and with the added mold number CD 112.1, Mold 2 (right).