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CD 106 - Type II, Mold LA

Color: Blue Green
Base Type: NDP:X


Features: Front lettering is reasonably strong, a little uneven, with both triangular and rounded edges. There is no L logo. Reverse lettering is a little weaker with rounded edges. NO. 10 and U.S.A. are widely spaced; the S is oddly made with the bottom smaller than the top; the A of MADE is unusually large. This mold was retooled, CD 106 II, Mold LA.1.

Additional information: Lynchburg usually made molds in sets of 12. Twelve molds of Lynchburg CD 106 Type II have been confirmed. Of those, eleven are numbered (missing mold #11) along with this mold that does not have a number. It is possible that this is the missing CD 106 Lynchburg Type II mold #11, made without a mold placed on the insulator. However, we do not have evidence to confirm this.

Mold Number Location: No mold number.

Lettering Images:

CD 106 Mold LACD 106 Mold LA.1
Comparison of original CD 106 Mold LA (left) and retooled Mold LA.1 (right)