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CD 106 - Type II, Mold L8

Color: Green
Base Type: NDP:b


General Features: Lettering is generally strong and even. On front, LYNCHBURG has triangular edges; L logo is weaker, off center to the right, with rounded edges; top loop of B is larger than bottom, top loop of R is out of proportion. On reverse, lettering is slightly weaker; NO. 10 and U.S.A. are widely spaced; the period following NO is weak and placed high and to the right. MADE IN is off center to the left. Periods following U.S.A. are placed high and away from the letters. There is a faint line 10mm from the base rim that encircles the skirt. Mold number is often very faint and is not visible on some pieces. This mold was retooled to strengthen the skirt,CD 106 II, Mold L8.1.

Mold Number Location: On reverse above period following NO.

Lettering Images: