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CD 106 - Type II, Mold L7

Color: Bright Yellow Green
Base Type: CDP:n


General Features: Front lettering is strong and even with triangular edges. LYNCHBURG is unusually low on the skirt, only 2.5 mm from the base rim. On reverse, lettering is slightly weaker; NO. 10 and U.S.A. are widely spaced; E is slightly larger; upper curve of S is larger than lower curve. There is a line 10mm from the base rim that encircles the skirt, suggesting that the lower 10mm of the skirt has been machined to make it thicker before the lettering was added. This may have been part of making the mold. It is not obvious on all pieces. This mold was retooled to strengthen skirt, CD 106 II, Mold L7.1.

Mold Number Location: On reverse above period following NO.

Lettering Images:

line on skirt
Arrows indicate the line that encircles the skirt 10mm from the base edge.

Comparison of original Mold L7 (left) with retooled Mold L7.1 (right).