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CD 106 - Type II, Mold L4.1

Color: Lt. Blue Aqua *
Base Type: RDP:x

*piece is lighter than photos

Features: Retooled CD 106 II, Mold L4; the lower 10mm of the skirt is machined increasing to the base rim, resulting in the loss of the lower lettering. On the front, only the very top of LYNCHBURG is partially visible. On reverse, U.S.A. is totally erased and bottom portions of MADE IN are removed (see below). Remaining lettering is often worn and shallow.

Mold Number Location: On reverse above and between NO. and 10.

Lettering Images:

Detail showing loss of most of LYNCHBURG on the front.

Reverse detail showing total loss of U.S.A. as well as lower part of MADE IN.

olive tint
CD 106 Type II, Mold L4.1, Olive-tinted Clear

See CD 106 Retooling Identification Guide