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CD 106 - Type II, Mold L12.1

Color: Clear with Pink tint
Base Type: NDP:X, irregular, unevenly spaced


Features: Re-tooling of CD 106 II, Mold 12 to strengthen base. Lettering is very weak, slightly uneven with rounded edges. On front, L logo is slightly elongated to the upper right. Bottom of skirt is machined about 5mm to thicken the skirt, resulting in weakening of the bottom of some letters, especially URG. On reverse, MADE IN is off center to the left, U.S.A. is off center to the right. Bottom of skirt is machined beginning 5mm from the base with increasing depth toward the base. However, the machining was done unevenly with more of the mold removed on the left side. This results in uneven removal of parts of U.S.A. Most of the U is lost along with its period, the lower half of S and most of its period are gone, while the A is only weakened at the bottom and its period is clearly visible.

Mold Number Location: On reverse centered above period following NO. It is often weak and barely legible.

Lettering Images:

Detail showing faint mold number

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