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CD 106 - Type II, Mold G6.2

Color: Lt. Blue Aqua
Base Type: CDP:n


Features: Second retooling of CD 106 II, Mold G6 and CD 106 II, Mold G6.1, to add a mold number to the front skirt. Except for the added mold number, this mold is identical to CD 106 II, Mold G6.1. Lettering is strong with triangular edges. On front, a second die stamped mold number is added to the right of L logo. On reverse, the old periods are visible beside new ones (see below); there is a very small hand engraved mold number about 16mm left and slightly above U. This kind of small mold number was typical of Gayner molds.

Additional Information: This is one of the few Lynchburg molds that occur with two different types of crown tops on the same bottom pieces of the mold, CD 106 Type I, Mold G6.1.

Mold Number Location: On reverse to the left and below M; a second number on front to the right of L logo.

Lettering Images:

Arrows mark the original periods (photo courtesy Rick Soller)